About Us

At StagePlan, Inc. our experience extends through engineering, design, show management, event planning, logistical handling, warehousing, promotion and display maintenance. Many years of experience have been a factor in our ability to deliver to our clients on a national and international basis. We manage programs for clients who have national and international programs that require every service that we have to offer. Showcasing high-end brands and products is our forte. StagePlan, Inc. offers a complete in-house exhibit booth design department with a reputation for innovation. Our services include conceptual drawings, color renderings, scale models, detailed blue prints and a state-of-the-art CAD system. We understand the marketing process and design to effectively show case your product or service.

Consumers are bombarded with brand messages every day and trade shows are no different. In order to be noticed you need to differentiate your products. Get noticed!

Emergencies arise every day in the event marketing world, through our years of experience we are prepared for them!

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